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Hammer helps break new ground

A few months back, a South-East Queensland based plumbing service added a Cat H35E Hydraulic Hammer to its range of equipment, and business has never been better.

All in One Plumbing Services owner, Anthony Niebling, said the H35E is a huge step up from hand-held jackhammers, and saves him plenty of time and money.

“It allows us to get through concrete paths and slabs so much quicker – sometimes reducing what used to be a four-day job down to just a few hours,” Niebling said.

“Customers are always surprised at how fast we can get the job done to access the plumbing, then we do what we need to do and move onto the next job ahead of time.”

The secret behind the H35E Hammer’s success is its impact frequency, with high beats per minute (BPM) that get the job done faster. This also means the Hammer is attached to the machine for less time, therefore reducing its impact on the machine itself.

Tom Whetton, Hastings Deering Sales Representative – New & Used Equipment, said Niebling’s existing Cat excavator was the ideal match for the hammer.

“Anthony bought his Cat 301.7D CR Excavator from us a few years back and then a few months ago he gave me a call asking for the H35E Hammer – he knew what he wanted and we sourced it for him quickly,” said Whetton.

“This Cat hammer is made for this Cat machine, so it maximises performance and increases what Anthony can offer to his customers.”

As well as expanding the amount of plumbing work for the company, the combination of the Cat excavator and Cat hammer has also opened up other areas of work.

“When customers see we’ve got the excavator they use us for other jobs on the site too, and we find that carpenters are recommending us to customers because of the equipment we’ve got,” Niebling said.

“We recently removed a 5,000 gallon concrete water tank – which is something we couldn’t have done previously – and the hammer got through that in no time.”

On top of sales for new machines and attachments, Hastings Deering places a strong emphasis on providing ongoing support to all its customers.

“We sell a premium product that has to be backed up – it’s our after-sales support that plays a big role in future sales,” said Whetton.

As well as being delighted with the performance of his new H35E Hammer, Niebling is also very happy with his 301.7D CR Excavator.

“Whether it’s in a confined space or in an open field, it digs and performs like a 5-tonne excavator,” Niebling said.

“I tried all the other brands, but in the end I only wanted a Cat.”

Check out the video here:

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