Baden Civil

Local contractor leading the way

Cat M315F Wheeled Excavator

Earthworks specialists, Baden Civil Contracting, recently received the first Cat M315F Wheeled Excavator in Australia, and they’ve been blown away by its performance.

After seeing the M315F concept at last year’s bauma show in Germany, Baden Civil’s Managing Director, Clay Badenoch, knew it was exactly what he was after.

“It’s the perfect machine for the jobs we work on because it’s not only great for digging, but great for lifting too – it’s got all the little refinements and things that make jobs easier and quicker,” Badenoch said.

“Having the first of its kind in Australia gives us an edge over the competition and positions us well in the niche roadside market.”

The versatility and compact nature of the M315F is ideally suited to the types of infrastructure projects Baden Civil is involved in, including work in South East Queensland on the Pacific, M1 and Logan Motorways, as well as heavy rail extensions and most recently Stages 1 and 2 of the Gold Coast Light Rail.

“It’s particularly good on the roadside where there’s not much room to move, and finishing work beside an operating rail track,” Badenoch said.

“Because it’s road registered and is on wheels, it’s highly mobile, so can be driven over rail lines or to different parts of a site quickly and without causing any damage.”

Greg Hewlett, Hastings Deering Sales Representative – New & Used Equipment, said as soon as Badenoch saw the M315F last year, he was in touch immediately.

“Yeah, Clay was straight on the phone, sending me texts and emails with photos, asking when he could get his hands on one,” Hewlett said.

“We were really pleased to be able to provide him the first M315F in Australia – it’s always great to be partnering with a customer who embraces innovation.”

As well as working closely with Hewlett for all his new equipment needs, Badenoch also uses Hastings Deering’s other services.

“Their after-sales support and servicing is second to none – I know and trust them because they believe in the gear, and that gives me a lot of confidence,” Badenoch said.

With the next generation Cat Excavators set to arrive in the near future, Baden Civil would again like to be the first in line.

“I’ve been talking to Greg a lot, looking into it and seeing what things have been updated, so I’ll definitely be keen to get the first one if I can,” Badenoch said.

The M315F joins Baden Civil’s already extensive range of Cat® machines including tracked excavators, dozers, backhoes and graders.

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