Hastings Deering Receives Recognition Awards From Caterpillar

22 January 2018

Caterpillar Awards

“It takes a team to create success, and it takes a leader to lead that team”

Last week Hastings Deering received two awards from Caterpillar Global Mining at a ceremony held at our Kerry Road Facility.

These awards were presented to recognise the exceptional commitment and support for the deployment of the Cat Equipment Care Advisor program (ECA).

The first award for Hastings Deering was presented for our commitment to the development of the Cat ECA and generous support that has been provided to other dealers globally.

“From the very beginning of our effort to create a new business capability in the digital analytics space, Hastings Deering was present and one of only a handful willing to embark on the development, refinement, commercial release and continued evolution of ECA, “ said Sean Gladieux, Product Manager Minestar Health & Cat ECA.

Driven by a collaboration with Cat in the development of deployment efforts, the global consultation has aided in enabling the Cat ECA to lead the way as a preferred Condition Monitoring Tool.

We are proud to announce that the second award was presented to our very own James Barnard. 

James was presented with a special recognition award for exceptional dedication and support in the deployment of Cat ECA worldwide.

“It takes a team to create success, and it takes a leader to lead that team. James Barnard has been a superb leader across all these years. His passion for the customer's success has helped us drive new features in ECA, improve product quality, and expand across all the mobile machines in typical pits,” said Gladieux.

“James' involvement with the data analytics project was key to our development of new algorithms, new correlations and causations and key to our decision to offer new analytics services for high end customers.“

Cat ECA helps dealers to better understand the equipment health of our customer’s machines and provide a deeper level of support. Data from Fluid Analysis, Telematics & Equipment Modules is collected and displayed for select equipment groups. 

The Data is displayed to each condition monitoring advisor with the machines with poorest health and concern being prioritised. Dealers can use the system to customise dashboard view filtered on a variety of fields. This flexibility in the offering helps the advisors to correlate specific event data and provide faster repair recommendations.

Data is aggregated and correlates information which enables the dealer to make timely, proactive recommendations to customers which minimise potential failures. The adoption of this system can aid in saving on excessive repair costs therefore increasing the machines availability.

“It's with great respect and admiration that I present a special recognition to Hastings Deering as a dealership and a special recognition to James Barnard for the collective effort associated with developing Equipment Care Advisor and condition monitoring services.” Said Mr Gladieux.

Pictured (L-R): Ian Hollingworth, James Barnard, Dean Mehmet, Adrian Carney, Sean Gladieux

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