Simplifying the Motor Grader lineup

Simplifying the Cat Motor Grader model lineup.

A clear line of sight down the road of innovation. New names. Same productivity and comfort.

From 2020 the Cat Motor Grader line up will simplify model names with the removal of the letter series designation that customers have come to know.

The new series will now be more easily identified by construction or mining class instead of a letter designation that typically changes with the release of new models.

The goal is to realign the nomenclature relative to the machine size. The construction class models will now be identified by a 3-digit number, while the mining class will be identified with 2-digit number representing the standard blade length.

How are the Model Names changing?

Construction Models:

  • The 12M model will be replaced by model number 140
  • The 140M model number will be replaced by model number 150
  • The 160M model number will be replaced by model number 160
  • The 120M model number will be replaced by model number 120

Mining Models:

The only change to the mining line up will be dropping the suffix

  • 14M3 will now be 14
  • 16M3 will now be 16
  • 18M3 will now be 18
  • 24M will now be 24

We spoke with Greg Hewlett, Sales Manager Government and Motor Graders to find out what you need to know!

HD - How does the nomenclature change affect part numbers?
Greg – Only the serial number prefix changes. To get the right parts for any Cat motor grader, all you need to know is the model name and machine serial number - same as today!

HD - Does simplified nomenclature mean fewer configurations?
Greg – Not at all - in fact, there will be more opportunity to configure graders for your specific applications than you've had in the past.

HD - When will we see these in the market?
Greg – Stock has arrived now! We are now assembling machines with ready to ‘Go To Work’ spec for quick delivery. See the product line here >Cat Motor Graders
 or contact your rep for further information.

HD - Why did Caterpillar change product nomenclature enterprise-wide?

Greg – Over time, Cat® product nomenclature became more complex and less consistent and model names didn’t represent product size and features in a way that was easy for our customers to understand. The new approach to product nomenclature is simpler and consistent across geographic regions and product groups.

HD - What effect will the nomenclature change have on the Cat motor grader brand?

Greg – Our graders have earned a reputation for innovation, performance and reliability, and they’re owned with pride by customers around the world. Our new nomenclature makes it easier for us to focus on the benefits each different size class offers.

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