Cat Hydraulic pumps and motors

14 February 2021

Why is my Cat® Machine running slow?

If you have ever had one of those days where your machine is just not keeping up with you, it might be time to check in on the health of your hydraulic pumps and motors.

James Priddey, Field Service Foreman at Hastings Deering explains that they often receive call outs when their customers notice lagging implement functions.

“Often, we receive call outs from customers who are seeing issues with their machines not tracking in a straight line while moving forward, slow implement function or implements functioning without input from the operator.”

“The most common reason causing these issues in the hydraulic components, is contamination from external sources, or contamination from internal failures elsewhere in the machine hydraulic system,” said Mr. Priddey.

With hydraulic pumps used to provide fluid power to implement systems, contaminants within this system can slowly erode hydraulic efficiency – this can be cut by as much as 20% before an operator even detects a problem. 

james priddey field service

“Failures beginning in one component of the machine can often spread to other areas - valves, cylinders and lines if not diagnosed and rectified early.”

“Any failure within a hydraulic system can be catastrophic to the machine systems and become an expensive repair.”

Mr. Priddey explains “our Cat trained Diesel Fitters use a range of the latest specialist tooling, product knowledge, and product specific training to enable diagnose machine problems and provide solutions to our customers.”

When customers invest in a prime piece of equipment to drive performance in harsh conditions and applications, only the right pumps and motors can help to maintain that performance.

Cat hydraulic pumps and motors are precisely designed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of Cat equipment. 

Off the shelf, will-fit varieties can compromise the system, which may lead to fluid contamination. 

Mr. Priddey says it is important to make sure that customers select the right parts for their machines.

“Cat genuine parts are built to suit the machine they are being purchased for.”

The robust design, durable, high-end materials and precision tolerances make Cat hydraulic pumps and motors superior to their will-fit counterparts. 

Finding a fault on any machine is time consuming and causes unexpected downtime, choosing the right pumps and motors for machines, can give customers piece of mind with a 12month warranty.

Right now, you can get 15% off all genuine Cat pumps and Motors through Hastings Deering to keep your machines working reliably longer, for less than you think!

15% Off Cat Pumps and Motors

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