Diamond Excavators Next Gen 320

20 April 2021

Diamond Excavators steps into Next Generation Technology

With over 20 years of expert civil construction work behind them, the team from Diamond Excavators has recently stepped into the next generation of Caterpillar machinery with the purchase of a 320 excavator.

Purchased in January 2021, Shane Poole added the new machine to his fleet of excavators, skid steers and backhoes and says that the reliability of the Cat machinery is what has kept him loyal to the brand when expanding his fleet.

“My first machine purchase was a Cat 320CL, that machine has been reliable since day one, I have had great response to it, we’ve gone from owning that one machine to a fair range in the fleet now,” said Mr. Poole.

“We’re stepping into the next generation now to keep up with the technology,” he states. “The technology is second to none.”

mark mollenhagan hastings deering sales rep with shane poole from diamond excavators

“Having the scales on the machines now, loading up jobs where we don’t have weigh bridges gives us a lot of comfort knowing that we can send out trucks on the roads at their limits. We can rely on the technology to make sure we are getting it right.”

The technology from factory in the next generation machines has made it easier for the Diamond Excavators team to be able to adapt to the ever changing and demanding industry.

“We get a lot of jobs that change midway, the team and machines must be able to adapt with it, with the new technology coming through in the Next Gen 320 we’re finding it a lot easier, and we have more competent operators on hand so that we can deliver for our clients.”

“The 3D is great, we have got some big projects coming ahead, trenching pipelines and massive pads and services. To have those tolerances down alright, we know we are not over digging, and the clients are happy.”

“In the early days when I was buying my own machines, I drove a lot of brands, but I always liked Cat. When I went to buy a machine, Hastings Deering was the only one open on a Saturday.

“This was the big killer for me. I work 24/7. If a client wants us right here, right now and keep going, we keep going. If we break down, we need to be able to get Cat parts, need to have the service and need to be up and running.”

“Clients expect us to be reliable, so that is the reason I stay with Caterpillar machinery. Because they’re reliable.”

“We have always had a great relationship and I cannot speak highly enough of Hastings Deering and Caterpillar.”


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