Introducing the Cat GC Range

09 August 2021


Thinking about right-sizing your fleet in an effort to keep costs down, but don’t want to sacrifice on performance? Here’s some good news: You have more choices than ever before when it comes to selecting equipment that precisely matches your work and budget.

What is the GC

When you see a Cat® machine with the GC decal, know that these models are economical with attractive total cost of ownership. They are proven reliable and durable, fuel efficient and built to the same Cat production system standards. They are proven easy to operate and they come with all of the Cat brand promise which is supported by our dealer network and services with Cat genuine parts and of course the quality that you know.

Put simply, the Cat GC product line-up offers a new value proposition for the more cost-conscious customers who do not want to pay for a solution they don’t need. The GC Range complements the traditional Cat product offering we call our performance range, as well as Caterpillar’s technically advanced XE premium range, thus enabling customers to choose across a spectrum of machines that precisely matches their work and budget.

966 GC

Why GC

While some customers want machines decked out in the latest technology to give their business a competitive edge or to compensate for a lack of skilled operators, plenty of others prioritize owning and operating costs over technology. If you’re among them, you want high-performing machines that are simple to operate and easy to maintain, that’s what the GC standard models deliver.

What’s IncludedWhen you choose a GC machine, you get a well-designed, durable product that offers high fuel efficiency and low owning and operating costs, all at an affordable price. GC models are just as reliable as any other Cat machine, with no compromises made in terms of quality or safety. Built with the same Cat DNA, and backed with the best dealer network support, you can be assured quality, reliability and durability are not compromised.

Ideal Applications

The Cat GC models are ideal for applications that do not require the use of cutting-edge technology like grade control or onboard payload weighing. Therefore no matter where you have your machine working, be it in construction, forestry, demolition or quarrying, the GC is the range for you.

330 GC

Fuel Competitive

With the GC range, we are setting a new standard for customers who value reliability at a low cost per hour.

  • Fuel competitiveness comes from lower engine speeds
  • Improved fuel efficiency and effective hydraulic functionality

Emissions standards

The GC range meets the emission standards without the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue).

Our Range of GC machines include:

  • Articulated Dump Truck : 740 GC

Right-sizing your fleet doesn’t have to mean compromising on what matters most to your business. Caterpillar’s range of GC solutions are here to stay and will continue to be expanded across the product lines to better serve your needs. With GC models, you have dozens of other options at your disposal, there’s always a model with proven affordable, durable, reliable and low cost per hour solution for your job and budget. Your Hastings Deering representative can help you make the best decision. Contact us today.

The New GC Range

Comes with a host of benefits. Reliable technology. Low owning and operating costs. High fuel efficiency.

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