Genuine Cat Parts the secret to success

05 October 2021

Genuine Cat® Parts, the secret to success


Maintaining a fleet of over 700  machines is no easy feat. Managing this across regional territories and sites, the team from Ezyquip Hire said that the key to their success, is in keeping their machines running.

Robert Jones, Procurement and Disposals Manager at Ezyquip Hire said that it is the relationship with Hastings Deering and the accessibility of parts that has helped the business get to where it is today.

With a diverse fleet including road working machines, rollers, excavators, dozers and skid steers, the team at Ezyquip Hire rely on maintaining their machines with Cat Parts and Hastings Deering.

“We order about $3—$4 million in parts per year. Running genuine Cat parts is definitely a big advantage to us, through the longevity that we get out of them.”

“Being that we work in such remote locations, the key to our success is really being able to keep the machines going. Hastings Deering having all the parts in major locations, makes it quick and easy to get them to site and get the gear back to work.”

The Ezyquip Hire fleet covers a range of customers from civil, mining, councils and road and asphalt companies. Being able to ensure that ordering the required parts is a key part of the business.

Ezyquip Hire and Hastings Deering with excavators

“We’re always going to need parts, we’re always in a hurry,” said Mr. Jones. “At Ezyquip Hire we make use of for ordering all our parts.”

“All the parts that we regularly use are all on a list, we can regularly re-order service kits, everyone in each branch has got a log in and they can look up their own parts and get them there quickly.”

“We have a good relationship with Hastings Deering, only one phone call away and we can get hold of our tech support reps and bits and pieces.”

“Half the work is done once you make the call and it’s all happening,” said Mr. Jones.

Dan Ware, Customer Support Manager at Hastings Deering said that the long-standing relationship with Ezyquip Hire is one that has helped to keep their machines maintained and maximizing their uptime.

Cat Parts Warehouse at Hastings Deering

“Ezyquip Hire have a large Caterpillar fleet that they look after it to the highest standard.”

“We as the dealer, help them do that by having all the parts they need to make sure their equipment is productive, safe and to help maximize their uptime.”

“We hold a large stockholding in our branch network to support our customers whether they be working here in Southeast Queensland or regionally through Queensland and the Northern territory,” said Mr. Ware.

“Caterpillar is a premium product, and as the dealer we back that up with a premium level of support.”

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