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Frequently Asked Questions

Your sales order number can be located on your invoice, or can ask for your Sales Order number while ordering with us on the phone. For parts.cat.com or email orders, the Sales Order number will be included in your confirmation email.

If you have included your mobile number in the order, you would have received an order confirmation SMS which contains the Sales Order number.
If you have recently placed an order with us and your sales order number is unavailable, it’s likely we are still in the process of sourcing your parts. Please allow up to an hour for your order to be visible on this site.
It is the estimated date that all items in this order will be ready to collect/dispatch by. Please note that all dates are based on current available information and may be subject to change.
We can advise you the date your order was dispatched from our warehouse. You will need to contact the carrier to confirm the date the order will be delivered to your office, warehouse or site. Carrier details are included in your order details.
A green bar indicates at least one of this particular part is available for collection. A grey bar indicates we are currently unable to provide a ready or dispatch date for that particular part. It also indicates the overall ‘final part ready to collect by’ or ‘final part ready to dispatch by’ date may not include the arrival of this particular part.
We will not be able to provide an estimated date if the part is on backorder and CAT is still sourcing it on their side. We are also unable to provide estimated dates for non-CAT items on backorder.
This is the date, based on current available information, we estimate the particular part to be ready for you to collect.
This is the date, based on current available information, we estimate the particular part to be dispatched.
Greyed out cards indicate the particular part has been fully collected or dispatched.
Please call our Parts team on 131228 to resolve any parts order issues. You can alternately provide feedback by clicking the feedback form on this page.
On this link, you are only able to see the details of the order linked to the order confirmation SMS you received. The status of past orders will only be visible for 30 days after being invoiced.
As individual customer Purchase Order numbers are not unique to Hastings Deering, and inline with the Hastings Deering privacy policy, we are unable to search for your parts order using your Purchase Order number.
The delivery method is the method you have chosen to receive your parts. It is either collect (meaning you will collect your items) or delivery (meaning a carrier is arranged to deliver your parts).
You cannot make any changes to your order on this website. If you believe there is a problem with your order, please contact our parts team on 131 228.
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