Pour peace of mind


Get superior performance at competitive prices.

Cat oils and fluids

Deliver superior performance and consistent quality at competitive prices.

Cat® oil is designed to reduce component wear and contaminant buildup for less upkeep and more uptime.

To ensure it can protect, our oil is put through endurance tests, quality assurance checks and thousands of hours in the field.

It’s formulated to meet the most stringent standards, making it the best fluid protection for any diesel engine. Pour in peace of mind, get oil guaranteed to do its job.

Cat Diesel Engine Oil

Our range includes

  • Engine Oils
  • Final Drive/Axle Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils - Gear Oils
  • Transmission Oils
  • Multi-purpose Oils

Superior Protection

Superior component protection means extended life. Cat oils protect even under the toughest conditions and at long drain intervals.

Consistent Quality

Rely on Caterpillar quality as Cat oils are the same formulation no matter when or where you purchase them and exceed industry specifications.

Best Performance

Cat oils are developed specifically for maximum operational performance and efficiency. The steady effectiveness of Cat oils over time also helps you meet emissions standards.

ULS CK-4 15W-40


PART #515-3968_009

($4.95 per litre)#

Want more detail?

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#Recommended consumer list price excluding GST. Price varies based on location and is subject to change.
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