One-click access to planned maintenance and service options.
Any device, anytime, anywhere.

BenefitNo plugins required

TestedView on any modern browser or device

TestedSimple, intuitive and efficient global search

TestedSeamless navigation between parts & service

SIS 2.0 is the updated version of SIS WEB

UPDATE 15/5/21: SIS WEB is no longer be available. All links now redirect to the all new SIS 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions

SIS 2.0 provides a simplified, intuitive and efficient way to access technical parts and service information on any device, anytime, anywhere. It is the updated version of SIS Web.
Accessible from any modern browser or device, SIS 2.0 features simplified navigation, enhanced search capability, and pre-populated drop-down menu selections for fast, seamless access to required diagrams and parts information with instant pricing and availability.
If you already access SIS WEB then there is no change to your login details, you can access and start using the all-new SIS 2.0 now. For more information or assistance with accessing SIS 2.0, contact your local Hastings Deering representative or call 1800 131 228 to discuss.
Training videos on using SIS 2.0 can be found below. For further information or to arrange a training session please contact your Hastings Deering representative or Call 1800 131 228.
Contact your Hastings Deering representative or Call 1800 131 228 for more information.
SIS 2.0 is mobile-friendly and optimised for all smart phone and tablet browsers. It is accessible through all modern web browsers - Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Older browsers including Internet Explorer are not supported.
From 28 February 2021, the SIS menu link in will update to open SIS 2.0.

SIS WEB will still be available in the meantime at

Need to setup user access?

Simply click below to request additional and/or replacement user access.



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